It's not that Irving's trying to offend people; he's just too stupid to know any better. Born without the ability to censor himself, he says whatever is on his mind.


Being with someone like Irving is never easy. Just ask Nancy. After years of dating this inappropriate and offensive guy, she has become a wreck who has low self esteem and always worries that he will embarrass her in front of her friends and family.

Tina is just an everyday woman who happens to be a little person. Unfortunately this leads Irving to countless questions about what sex is like for her and whether or not she is an Umpa Lumpa.


He's black and his name is Bob.... nuff said.

Dan works with Irving and is subjected to countless questions about retard strength and other powers he might posses.


Irving recently found out that John was Jewish, which suprised him greatly since he has never shown any sign of being cheap.


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